Landscape and design

The way a community is landscaped plays an integral role in the long-term happiness, health and wellbeing of its residents.

Masterplan concept design, which sensitively integrates the surrounding environment and sets the standard for liveability and lifestyle in equal measure, is one of the most meaningful ways in which a community development can be brought to life.

Hayfield’s thoughtful approach to landscape design, underpinned by the long-standing collaborative relationship between award-winning landscapers, Fleming’s and experienced residential developer, Goldfields, sets a new benchmark for sympathetic integration of design elements which complement, rather than compete with, their environment.


How has the relationship between Fleming’s and Hayfield evolved?

We recently sat down with Wes Fleming to discuss his landscape vision and values, and how these are reflected in at Hayfield.

An innovative horticulturalist, Wes’ many local and international awards include Best in Show at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in 2013, which he shared with designer Phillip Johnson, and a 2015 Order of Australia for his contribution to horticulture and landscape architecture.

Key among the projects Wes has worked on are the collaborations with Goldfields which span a professional relationship of some 16 years.

“Traditionally, on residential projects of this size, landscape architects are invited to come into the design process at a point where the masterplan is already finalised, which doesn’t present the best opportunity to positively influence the overall design,” said Wes.

“Having worked with Goldfields a number of times on projects across Australia, we’ve built a good deal of trust with them, which has allowed us to get involved with the landscaping design component earlier than would otherwise be the case.”

“Ultimately this results in a much more beneficial outcome for the community both visually, because we had the opportunity to really consider how best to showcase the natural flora and landscape, as well as from a practicality perspective – with better use of tracks and park placement.“


How did this approach influence the landscape design at Hayfield?

At Hayfield, Fleming’s were presented with a unique challenge and opportunity. Goldfields’ resolve to both feature and champion the existing natural landscape meant the design would need to maintain, invigorate and improve upon the landscape within Ripley.

“It’s not always appropriate – or possible – to feature the existing natural landscape of an area, through to the heart of the development, but with Hayfield we knew we had a fantastic opportunity to embrace that. This approach is highlighted by the interface of the community with The Greenwood, a truly unique feature of the estate and something people who will live here will cherish well into the future”, Wes said.

What is ‘The Greenwood’?

The Greenwood is the centrepiece of Hayfield’s masterplan design; a pristine space untouched and unshaped by the surrounding residential development. With the help of Fleming’s design team, Goldfields have meaningfully integrated The Greenwood into the master-planned community to elevate the health and wellbeing of future residents.

Being able to enjoy the outdoors is an essential part of the Queensland lifestyle. “Being active outdoors is such a natural part of the way people live in Queensland, so we knew we had to integrate that into the Hayfield landscape design to provide a meaningful outdoor experience for future residents,” said Wes.

To achieve this, Fleming’s design incorporated a proposed 4.1km running track wrapped around The Greenwood, which will allow residents to both explore their beautiful backyard as well as cater to fitness and health needs. “The Greenwood, and the running track, invite people to make the most of the area’s natural amenity and be a part of the landscape that’s right on their doorstep” said Wes.

The unique integration of urban and natural settings will attract people from surrounding areas, encouraging friendly interactions between the neighbouring communities.

Ultimately, community building is one of the key features of Hayfield that sets it apart from other residential communities, and this community spirit is perfectly captured in the landscape design.

When asked about what the future holds for Hayfield and its ever-evolving landscape, Wes focused on the journey and vision that ultimately shaped the final design.

“I hope that future Hayfield residents can look back and see the vision we created with Goldfields come to life. It’s been a long, but also fulfilling, journey that has led us to design and embrace this unique landscape and I think that will manifest in a really beautiful way.”